michelle kalondu musili
( graphic designer / problem solver / bad movie enthusiast )
I had always thought of design as a cold practice, something mechanical and corporate. I entered university undeclared, but I knew that I was interested in visual arts and the humanities. I tried my hand at other disciplines (media arts, political science, animation), but design kept calling to me. I took a typography class my freshman summer and I was entirely sold on graphic design from then on.

Design is a perfect storm of all of the things I love. It is both analytical and creative. I love the balance of structure and freedom, I love learning what makes a design work for a certain purpose and iterating, and I love solving a design problem and collaborating with others.

In my spare time, I love to consume and analyze media, particularly godawful movies like The Room. I love to sing and play guitar, in fact, I was in a band in high school and we played all the classic Dad-rock hits like the Smashing Pumpkins and the Smiths. I love learning about art and media history.

bfa, graphic and informational design
northeastern university, class of 2023
art direction assistant - experience magazine
sep 2022 - present
brand designer - IDEA
student group
sep 2022 - present
creative design co-op - mcguffin creative group
jan - june 2022
creative director - artistry magazine
student group
sept 2021 - may 2022
graphic design intern - city of cambridge
oct - dec 2021
graphic design co-op - berxi insurance
jan - june 2021
co-head of design - artistry magazine
student group
sept 2020 - may 2021
graphic designer - global resilience institute
oct - dec 2021
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